That is a terrible joke; I bet Jack wrote that one.

–Dollar, Object Lockdown Episode 2 - Rapping It Up

TheWuggleJack, also known as OfficalTWJ on DeviantArt and commonly shortened to Wuggle or Jack, is a Memeber and (debatably) a Skype Memer. He created Super Object Battle and Object Lockdown and made the OLD Discord, a server filled with idiots that the Memebers commonly troll.

Jack is incredibly anti-drama, which makes you wonder why he commonly hangs out with the people who are commonly labeled as the center of all the OSC drama. His greatest accomplishment is creating Drago, one of the best object show characters of all time next to Yellow Bow and Chuck Chuckenburger.

He also made some dumb show called OLD or whatever.

More recently, Jack has begun to hate Minecraft. He recently uninstalled the game, and asks before joining calls if they're playing Minecraft or not.

Theories Edit

Jack is SECRETLY kris, this is because they both share dirty blonde hair.

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