This comic is super rushed

–a comment on Monica's made-up livestream.

Rachel Stretch

I'm Not Your Friend is Sharpy's MS Paint webcomic, and the only thing he does anymore. It was created when Sharpy got sick of not having anything to do with his Object OCs, so he made a godawful drawing of them as trapezoid shaped humans. The art got slightly better. Naturally since they used to be object OCs, the cast wasn't very good. There is however, one redeeming quality, the character Bob, the only good thing any member of Da Quintet has ever created. But since he's not the main character, we have six teenage stereotypes as our main characters, Carol, Rachel, Susan, Monica, Dana, and Natalie. Somehow, it has a small fanbase. All it is is 6 panels and a joke or self-depracation reference. INYF is really the only reason Sharpy's DA is still alive. Sharpy is also considering uploading INYF animations he doesn't have the skills or help to make. Only time will tell if these ever come out

There are over 200 of these things.

The Amazing Cast of Characters

Carol- Object Form is Cherry Drop. No definable characteristics other than being hot. Sharpy wants to bone her slightly more than he wants to bone the other five.

Rachel- Object Form is Rare Candy. A major bitch.

Susan- Object Form is Screen. Only reason she exists is because Sharpy got her from a guy who speaks like utter shit. Oh yeah, also she's fat and smelly and no-one wants her.

Monica- Object Form is Monitor. NERD

Dana- Object Form is Diary. An utter dumbass who doesn't know what a :O is

Natalie- Object Form is not known cause Sharpy quit the OSC at this point. Another NERD, except she hangs out with Dana because reasons. Also she's gay.

Bob- The best character

First Aid Kit

Helmet the Black Heart

Helmet the White Heart

A T-Rex

and some more characters.