I come back from MS Paint to see Fuck you...


Fairiez4berriez, usually shortened to just Fairiez, is Ryan's current bae, she's innocent and sane most of the time, and is usually the most confused during chats.

Along with Din0, she is one of the few Memebers who doesn't involve herself in Drama, and spends most of the time actually partaking in conversation.

Fairiez also identifies as "femcheese", so chee accepts cheesy pronouns, but cheese also completely fine with female pronouns, because common sense, yo! Also, she also created Puzzly, who became a meme as a result of the lower half of her body. Poor her. And she's also a proud Canadian.

Silly fairiez

When she has nothing better to do than taking selfies

Cuphead cosplay

Cosplaying as the current big indie game! (which will be replaced by another crappy internet fad in less than a few months)