Everyone is an ass in their own special way!


Can Anime just die?



DangerDin0, commonly nicknamed Din0, is a Memeber and the third member of the Quintet. He's also a self-loathing dummy with no life. Unlike the notcirclebaers... or uhh... quintet? He actually uses proper grammar, capitalization and punctuation; what a fucking loser! If the Quintet hates someone, Din0 is probably friends with them. His username is also DangerDin0, with a zero, not Dino! He's SUPER GAY for TAS uwu

The notcirclebae fighting game

To add to how fucking stupid he is Din0 is also making a fighting game about the quintet and their stupid friends and enemies, but mostly their enemies. We use the word "making" loosely because in reality all he does is come up with ideas for it and then post them on Skype chats thinking the people on there are actually listening to him.

Din0 The Historian

Being our resident Historian, din0 teaches many subjects, such as how to make an empire off of making MS-Paint sprite factories, and his Historian side is secretly an alter-ego, that is also his main ego, okay.