What's a "yourself"?

–What's a "quote"?

Dana Icon

Dana is the humanized version of Sharpy's OC Diary (not a Jokers, sadly), and one of the main characters in his webcomic INYF. Her entire personally is that she's stupid, and all the jokes in any comic she appears in is that she's stupid. Her best friend is Natalie, who acts extremely clingy towards her, likely to make sure she doesn't die. She's also friends with Carol and Susan, and looks way too much like Carol. Sharpy can do a damn good voice for her. She's mostly remembered for forgetting her own name and her "What's a/n X?" catchphrase, which is actually almost never used in recent comics. Rally Rith Retards Rho Ran't Rpell Rebooted has a character named Dana Icon, who is a picture of Dana with long, feminine legs (though Din0's depiction of her lacks this). Dana Icon and Dana have the exact same personality.

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