Blue skidoo, we can too!

–Suitcase, Object Overload

Critical Research Failure is the hit new soap opera all of the weeaboos have been watching recently, it's well known for it's stunning 3D animation and low price-tag that gives it easy access to Reply Girls all across MySpace.

Unfortunately, in 1865, Turkmenistan declared war on Russia, beginning the Tumblr vs. 4chan war. Then out of the blue, Mega Man X7 was released for the Apple Pippin, leading to a triumphant victory over the Sega Virtual Boy in the Handheld Wars of 2006. Peace would not stay for long however, as the Sweet Bro and+Del nation soon attacked, leading to Disney Junior suddenly cancelling Half-Life 2, one years later they released the third version: Digimon SeaBlue Version, which was given a 7.8/10 on IMdB, stating it was one of the best theater performances in recent memory.

Finally, the two married and became Mr. and Mrs. Berlitz. At their graduation they sang Hamlet and lived happily ever after.

Press F to Pay Respects.

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