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CoolKidsChat, confusingly called notcirclebae in later episodes, is the second season and reboot of the beloved circlebae series, which contines the story after the Christmas special and finale of circlebae, in which the Populars took over the Chat and the main chatters go off to start a new chat. It is generally considered to be the best season and won many awards during its four month run.

Unlike the previous season, the entire story takes place in one chat: the titular CoolKidsChat; doing away with the confusing chat switching early episodes of the first season suffered from. The season also gives much more focus to the Ensemble Darkhorse characters introduced halfway through the previous season: Din0 and Lenny, as well as giving many of the popular minor antagonists and anti heros such as Oka, Pirans and Loud more screentime. The fan favorites Topaz and Taffy also return, and many of the less popular characters and antagonists such as Brandon, Joshua and Plasma are given less screentime, with the latter falling victim to Chuck Cunningham Syndrome, many beloved characters were also introduced during this season, such as King and the first speaking roles of most of the Populars.

The plot follows Sharpy, Lenny and Ray after losing circlebae to the Populars, Lenny creates a new Chat known as CoolKidsChat and the three begin to spread the word of the new chat, Din0, confused by what happened, presumes that the three made the chat to spite Ryan and the Populars and begins to dub it "notcirclebae".

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