Anyways, in 2014 Jack got bored again, and posted a video on December 31, 2014 called "I'm done" with a black screen.

us, the Super Object Battle page.

Cancelling, in the OSC at least, is when an Object Show creator stops production of their object show, this can be due to many reasons, such as personal issues, negative response, problems in development, losing interest, laziness, or just no reason at all.

The most often reason is because the show sucked, according to the creator, and this is usually followed by the creator rebooting the show or making a completely new one, often with no change in the writing style or animation, because the characters were clearly the only problem with your show. Another common reason is because the object community is horrible now and being a part of it is an embarrassment, for some reason, because apparently being in a community of people who like what you make is not ideal.

Cancelling also often happens to shows that are only in development an- Sorry guys, I just don't feel like making the rest of this article, it's cancelled now and I'm deleting everything relating to it for no reason, bye.