I understand what happened, what I don't understand is why you people take this camp so seriously.

Din0, on the CTC 4 Debut.


Yes, this is a thing that someone thought was a good idea.

Camps are generally something a person creates when they realize when they have too much free time. They are normally groups on deviantART, so they only have to type shit rather than put actual effort into it. People often join these camps with their characters, and they have to compete in some random challenge that the creator comes up with in two seconds.

Here is a list of all the camps the Memebers have participated in:

Camps created by the Memebers Edit

  • Battle About 7 Sins (Pirans)
    1. Ryan- Pocky
    2. Sharpy- Onyx
    3. Landmark- Champagne
    4. King- Sundae
    5. Din0- CD-ROM
    6. Alex- Fishbowl
  • Great Objects Gaming Greatly Later Exiting Sadly (Ray)
  • The Inanimate Battle (King)
  • Battle For Lollipop Tower (Loud)
  • Battle For Corn Cake (Cormac)
  • Battle For The Opinion (Sharpy)
  • Challenge For A Prize (Ryan)
  • The Fight For Lennys (Ryan)
  • The Battle of Las Vegas (Landmark)
  • Battle For Wuggle World (Jack)
  • The Fight for Life (Alex)
  • Battle For DeviantArt Palace
  • WIP

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