XxSlimeballs4lifexX, previously known as BranonTheFlipqyBall and BrandontheHedgehog18 and known on his new account as C4RR13KRU3G3R, but mostly just called Slimeball or Brandon, is a random guy who dates Ivy the bae gurl (whoever the hell that is probably made up person is). He used to hate Sharpy and Craixen for no reason what-so-ever, he also hates Cryantix's show and has Ninja seizure (whatever that means). He made a horrendous picture of Apricot and everyone hated it. He is 14 and likes pizza (He should marry Chica). He also hates BonnieLikesToast and her many sock puppet accounts. He is also the baby of Sharpy and Taffybae.