(smirk), also formatted as Smirk, is a Skype emoticon that was brought to memetic levels by Pirhana and the other Populars; though it has recently become unused as it has been deemed a dead meme. It is Oka's worst enemy besides Pirhana and Loud themselves.


It's not known by the Memebers themselves how the meme originated other than the fact that Pirhana popularized it. It was introduced to the chatrooms sometime during January, in which Pirhana also got Din0 and Loud (although he presumably had already been introduced to the meme.) to join in. It was soon hated by the others, most notably Emerald and Oka, for being spammed and also because of Pirhana and Loud's often sarcastic and critical attitudes towards their questionable behavior. (despite them being perfectly fine with Din0 before this, who also acted like this.)

Thus started Oka's war on (skype), which is documented on Pirhana's Page.

In the end, most of the Memebers don't care about (smirk) anymore. Ryan, who sided with Oka before, actually used the emote more than Pirhana did for a while, along with King, which probably led to them seeing it as a Dead Meme.

It will always live on in our heart.